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I had this itch I needed to scratch.

I love writing. But I didn’t like the software out there — Tumblr, posterous, Facebook. Blog posting on these sites is littered, I feel, with unnecessary features. Besides, I didn’t even want post titles. I just wanted a box with a “Publish” button.

Eventually, I made canvasofwords. It’s programmed in Django so I would learn more about it. The early posts were written deep in the throes of a hopeless infatuation, and no post has a title.

Eventually, friends began to write for it and I scaled the site for multiple authors. I suppose the lack of a title and numerous short posts made for good flash fiction, quick writing exercises. In short, other people found the same use in it as I did.

We mostly stopped writing due to other interests.

canvasofwords • March 2010 • Stashed in Projects